Let’s Sell the House!

In the aftermath of the wonderful trip to India, CW and I decided to follow through with an idea we’d been toying with for a year or so…selling the house, downsizing, packing the tent and heading west and back, with a goal of exploring possible locations for our next home.  Two days after getting back, and still a bit jet-lagged, we found an agent and began rapid work to prep the house for sale.  We were more exhausted by this than we could have imagined – up and down the stairs hundreds of times, making decisions about belongings – keep, store, donate, trash? Packing a household of thirty years of furniture, artwork, dishes, glasses and goblets, family heirlooms, and books, many many books, on our own, instead of enjoying the luxury of a company move – now that I’ve done it, don’t plan on a repeat.  Fatigue was also psychological, even though this was a much discussed and well-planned move.

Within 8 weeks of getting back from India, we turned the keys to our house over to new owners and experienced an unexpected sense of weightlessness (well, almost) – no more lawn to mow, house repairs to undertake, empty rooms to dust.  Instead, we have a small, urban apartment in Philadelphia which we can leave by simply locking the door, and to which we can return when wanderlust is sated. 

The next journey will be North America – exploring a number of cities that beckon as locations for our next home, even though that may not be for a few years.  What’s important?  Nature, cultural diversity, a sustainable economy, appreciation for local food, a supportive community, education, health care…among other things!  And, I’ll be sharing how we “journeywise” – join us for the drive!  We’re on our way…

Sweet House

Sweet House

Favorite Spot...

Favorite Spot…

4 Months, 1 Car, & Adventure!

4 Months, 1 Car, & Adventure!


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