The JourneyWise India Adventure

Enough about London, fun though it was! We’ve been in India for five days, jet lag is over, and it’s time to share! What an incredible sensory overload it’s been so far. Here’s a map (thank you, Google maps)that represents the northern, 12 day part of the journey. We used our trusty old Times Atlas of the World and Google maps simultaneously to plan the trip, appreciating how old tech (paper) and new tech worked so well together.

We’re leaving beautiful Jaipur tomorrow for a long drive to Jodphur, and will catch up on what’s happened before that in the next blog or two. In the meantime, here’s the plan:

JourneyWise through Rajasthan

JourneyWise through Rajasthan

My nice placemarkers didn’t move over with the map (still working on my blogging knowledge!) so, starting with “A” we’re going from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur to Jodphur to Jaisalmer to Manvar to Udaipur, then fly to Bangalore for the second part of the journey. Our funny, smart and extremely good driver, Raj, has introduced us to the concept of the “Indian 1/2 hour” – think, “one hour,” so we’re sincerely hoping that the planned 8 hour drive tomorrow doesn’t get adjusted too much, and by too many hours!


4 thoughts on “The JourneyWise India Adventure

    • Roads outside the cities have varied – from the “superfast” highway, as Raj put it… though we don’t go more than about 100km/hour, and usually much slower – since the other roads tend to be in not great condition, and have cows and bullocks wandering on them – usually they stay to the side, but we’ve seen them standing on the median strip, and nonchalantly standing in the middle of the road. Add to that the constant lane shifting as everyone tries to keep moving forward, and the more than occasional car/tractor/motor bike coming the wrong way on the road – it’s exciting!

  1. We’re in a small SUV style Inova made for India – it’s zippy and maneuverable, which is important because of road conditions. (See reply to Lisa’s question about roads!). We’re driving across the USA later in the summer; but otherwise, maybe South America in 2015?

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