London Reprise

Let’s go back to London just once before focusing on its former “jewel in the crown,” and recap some of the highlights of this trip.

We revisited the National Portrait Gallery, trying to put faces to the many kings and queens, went again to the Tate Modern, which is always a wonderful extravaganza of contemporary and sometimes challenging art, and briefly visited the Seven Dials area, mostly to walk in to tiny Neal’s Yard Dairy, featuring fantastic cheeses from all around the British Isles – and to purchase tastes of various blues, and a sliver of Stinking Bishop…enjoyed after making dinner at our friend’s flat, while watching live womens’ rugby – what a treat!

New explorations took us for a walk over the Millenium Bridge; for a city boat commute from London Bridge Pier to Greenwich, where we admired the gorgeous tea clipper Cutty Sark, which hauled tea from China to England in the late 1800’s; and the National Maritime Museum, which had a wonderful exhibit of JW Turner maritime paintings and a collection of his sketch books. Borough Market was another treat, with stalls of vegetables, cheeses, breads, prepared foods and craft soaps (of course!)

Travelling around London is easy – buy an Oyster Pass which you scan entering and leaving the underground or bus. Topping up is easy too and maps are on the trains and in the stations, including magnified street maps as you depart the station. Stand in front for a few minutes to orient yourself and you’’ll be more at ease when you get above ground. Time to write about India…but enjoy these few photos, and I’ll upload a gallery of London pics when I’ve figured out how to do that!

Neal's Yard Dairy "Blues"

Neal’s Yard Dairy “Blues”

Tea Clipper Cutty Sark

Tea Clipper Cutty Sark

Double Decker Bike Rack

Double Decker Bike Rack


2 thoughts on “London Reprise

  1. The “English Blues” are indeed picturesque! Also, the Sticheltons, Cotherstones and Cornish Yargs. I took a bunch of photos of them at Neal’s, and also at the market, a while back and have done a new series of English cheese still life paintings. Enjoy your travels and the culinary delights in all of their visual splendor!

    • Gale – we love the cheese still life of yours that adorns our kitchen, and look forward to seeing the “blues!”. Comment back with your website info and the JourneyWise audience can appreciate your lovely work too!

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