London, oh London!

Arrived early early at London Heathrow on a mostly sunny day! And, though the immigration line was slow, the thought of skedaddling to our friend’s flat (a block away from Hyde Park), catching a quick nap after the overnight flight from Dulles, and then strolling along the Serpentine, helped the nearly hour long wait pass without too much anxiety. First time on the Heathrow Express and what a treat to zip from terminal 5 right to Paddington Station in about 20 minutes. Stepping off the train into that massive, iron-arched station said “Welcome to London!”

Today’s main objective was to visit Harrod’s food halls – 4 gorgeous halls devoted to comestibles of every kind. The seafood hall has a recessed ceiling with an oceanic theme, leather-covered stools to sit on while enjoying oysters or sushi; the chocolate hall (oh, there’s plenty of other confectionary, but my heart beats for cocoa!) includes fantastic displays of enticing goodies, many packaged in iconic Harrod’s boxes and tins. The fruits and vegetables hall has ornate chandeliers and everywhere is lovely old tiling. My idea of a perfect sleepover? In a Harrod’s food hall with carte blanche to picnic!

The Seafood Hall

The Seafood Hall

But for this evening, we’re just home from shopping for dinner at the local Waitrose market…and putting some pence aside for a treat tomorrow!

TIP: Stay with friends if possible – there’s no better way to feel more like a resident than a tourist. Shopping for food like the locals is fun and eating meals at “home” saves a bit of cash for a splurge meal another time. If you don’t happen to have a friend, try airbnb! More another time on this superb network for finding a place to sleep that’s more home than hotel. Often, you can cook your own meals in your airbnb host homes.


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